RonnicK Logistics

Warehouse renovation

Last month we had another challenge outside of our usual shipments.
Our warehouse has been renovated with new racking, we have increased our space from large pallets to small boxes.

From long storage to short storage, quickly remove the shipment from the airline handler , everything is possible.

More information about storage options, complete our contact form or email to

Multiple shipments

These last 2 months we had several OBC’s worldwide, nice engine transports, airfreight shipments and sea freight shipments.
As well our team expanded with 2 power ladies who are handling shipments with a big smile.
Our services expanded as well. If you have any inquiry just send an email to and we will provide you a competitive rate and a good service.
1.     AOG
2.     Ship spares in transit.
3.     General Cargo.
4.     Dangerous goods.
5.     Road transport.
6.     Airfreight.
7.     Seafreight.
8.     OBC.

AOG engine transport

New month with new changes. We are looking back on a great month.
Several engine transports within Europe an a lot of AOG shipments within Europe.

Our team did again a great job and we are continue to give the service to our client.

Oversized AOG shipment

Trucking companies with continious permits for oversized cargo are a real advantage for AOG movements.

This A330 inlet assy was loaded the next early morning after we received the order in the afternoon the day before.

All cargo was loaded, strapped and covered with tarpaulins and got the necesarry pilot car next to the truck. We were about to dispatch until we received a call from the customer that the AOG was solved after all and cargo should be off loaded and returned again at shippers facility.

Anything is possible in our dynamic aviation world!

Oversized transport to South America

We had the opportunity to move this oversized Trent 1000 stand all the way up to South America.

Unfortunately is was off loaded due to a AOG situation of the booked operator, today it departed after all with 3 days delay.

We call it Force Majeure..